Sizing / pattern variations / gold plating / lace

Pattern variations

Each piece is handmade individually by Joanna, therefore there may be some variation in the pattern from the image on the website. Each work uses an individual piece of fabric that is placed on top of the metal and embossed into the surface, so the character and placement of the fabric may vary slightly. Every effort is made to reproduce as close as possible to the pictured image.

Gold plating

The gold plating I use is a thick layer of high carat gold on top of sterling silver or copper. There is NO Nickle layer under the gold, therefore there should be NO allergic reaction as gold and silver are inert metals. The top layer of gold plating is sanded off to reveal the base metal, and because its recessed, it is protected from wearing off. I use gold plating and oxidising as a way of adding colour contrast to the base metal in order to enhance the pattern.


When ordering a ring Joanna needs to know your finger size, you can get this done at your local jewellers. NZ uses the UK measurements K-Z (half sizes are no problem).

A note on the cuff Ring sizing:

The rings are approximately 23mm at the widest point and taper down at the back of the ring. The ring is not joined; it is an open cuff ring. They are very comfortable to wear; (I have even converted some non-jewellery wearers with these rings).

Our size small corresponds to: L M N
Our size medium corresponds to: O P Q
Our size large corresponds to: R S T

A note on the sizing of the Cuff:

As a general rule the measurement of wrist will correspond to the cuff size.
The easiest way to do this is to wrap a tape measure around your wrist. If your wrist is 15cm you would order a 15cm cuff, the opening gap is aprox 27mm and this provides the ease required to be a comfortable fit.
(if you like to wear your cuffs fitting tight to the wrist you can email Joanna with a custom order).

A note on Bangle sizing:

The easiest way to find your bangle size is to wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your hand, to get an accurate measurement close your hand as you would to put a bangle on. As a guide our 62mm diameter bangle would correspond to 19.5cm.
The 65mm diameter bangle would correspond to 20cm and the 67mm diameter bangle would correspond to 20.5cm.

Custom orders:
Joanna is happy to make any piece if you need a specific size, different from the one listed.
Please email Joanna to order.


Joanna has a love of pattern and surface decoration and has been scouring antique shops looking for vintage lace for a number of years now. She uses the lace from her collection to emboss into precious metals, in order to create interesting surface patterns. The lace used is so old, (most pieces are over 100 years old) it is just at the point of disintegration. By embossing the lace into noble metals Joanna is conserving the imprint of the lace in a permanent material before it perishes. Creating a fossil like record of the character of a particular lace. The lace originates from all over the world, French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, English, South American, to name a few. Joanna is always on the lookout for Bobbin Lace and unusual pieces such as the figurative Art Deco Lace she sourced from a collector in the States. Rare lace pieces such as an Irish Carrickmacross needle lace are used sparingly for special pieces.

Because the lace is destroyed by the embossing process, stock is limited in a particular pattern. Joanna welcomes custom orders, and enquiries can be made via email to check availability of any lace patterns.